Medela Electric Breast Pump Review

Medela Breast Pump Review

All new mommies usually seek the best and safest of breast pump available. Not only do they look for BPA-free products to guarantee the safety of their new-born babies, but they are also looking for hassle-free methods with convenient storage options.

This reason is why it is important to invest in only high-quality products to maintain hygiene when it comes to nourishing your baby.

This double electric breast pump is suitable for mothers who have to pump multiple times a day. It works the same way as all Medela products, as it is designed to aid the breastfeeding process for busy and tired moms. The Pump in Style offers a hassle-free operation so you can feed your little ones with ease.

Advanced Breast Pump


What Comes In the Package

  • Tubing
  • Battery pack & Storage Case
  • ​AC Adapter
  • ​4 Medela bottles
  • ​Tote Bag
  • Breast Shields
  • ​Membranes
  • ​Valves
  • Personal Fit Connectors
  • ​Bottle Lids
  • ​Cooler with Ice Pack

You get nothing but the superior performance from this leading brand that is known to deliver only professional and high-quality products. This advanced on-the-go tote bag is one of the most popular products for millions of moms. It is a great method to store your milk when you are traveling as the kit is compact and lightweight.

Features And Benefits

  • ​Double pumping kit
  • ​Can be plugged in or operates on AA batteries
  • ​The 2-phase expression technology
  • ​BPA-free components
  • Features a removable cooler bag
  • Customizable vacuum knob and speed​
  • ​Offers a Tote Bag
  • Includes membranes, tubing, valves and breast shields

About The Product

All users benefit from the incredible two-phase expression technology. It is produced to replicate the actual nursing process as it begins in the Simulation Phase with a light and fast suction to get the milk flowing.

Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump with On the Go Tote


The Expression Phase offers a slower and deeper suction to mimic the deep swallow of your baby when your milk lets down. Thanks to this two-phase technology, all mothers can now pump more milk in less time. The product is a great accessory to help you nurse your baby while you are on the go as it comes in a tote bag, which means you get a portable breast pump that is easy to carry.

The Pump In Style is suitable for busy mothers who need to pump several times a day. An ideal product if you have twins, it utilizes only high quality and the safest of materials to nurture your babies.

It is an efficient and safe breast pumping system that gives all moms to relax and fit breastfeeding into their busy schedules. One of the best things about the Medela Pump in Style Advanced is that you get all that you need to start pumping immediately. You can start pumping as soon as the product arrives.

It also features a cooler with an ice pack that easily fits inside the tote. The ice pack is contoured to accommodate four bottles in the cooler, keeping them upright, so there is no chance of leaking.

Mum using a breast pump.

The Pump In Style is a convenient pump to use as don't have to fumble with several different parts. Just attach the tubing to the pump and switch it on to get the pump working. Unlike other pumps that require a diagram to assemble, this product is straightforward to put together.

What Others Are Saying

All customers who purchased The Pump in Style rate it as an incredible breast pump. Users praise it for its light weight and portability that makes it stand apart from its rivals. All milk-collecting parts comprise of BPA-free plastic.

BPA is a chemical, notorious for leading to dozens of serious health conditions that also includes cancer. BPA leakage boosts when polycarbonate is frozen, defrosted or heated. These are all the steps involved while storing breast milk to feed our babies.

Thanks to the Medela Pump In Style that comes with BPA-free supplies, you get a product with a customizable speed and suction regulation dial, allowing you to select the most comfortable and effective pumping option to suit your needs.

It is best suited for mothers who want to avoid heavy and painful breasts by storing more milk for prolonged use. The product guarantees a convenient and hassle-free experience to make nursing easy for you.

Buying Advice

The Medela Breast Pump with On the Go Tote is one of the best daily-use pumps that are currently available. It is ideal for all mothers who pump regularly and multiple times a day. It helps new mommies to return to their normal routine or work schedule while still nursing their babies.

Advanced Breast Pump with On the Go Tote


Millions of mothers benefit from the Medela pump every day to boost their milk supply and store their breast milk safely. This double pump is a great product that saves a lot of precious time and energy to relieve tired and sleep-deprived moms for easing the breastfeeding process.

The handy microfiber bag is incredibly useful for holding all you need to begin a pumping session, regardless of where you are, which enables you to get rid of any additional bag to hold breast pump accessories or other supplies.

This product is a popular model among nursing mothers and is widely used to make breastfeeding a less complicated procedure. 

Final Verdict

The Medela Pump in Style with on the Go Tote is one of the best breast pumps available out there. It works better than other expensive electric breast pumps that offer little help to moms who are looking for convenient solutions to nurse their babies.

The on-the-go Tote comes with a built-in pump as well as built-in bottle holders to prevent spills. By purchasing this product, you don't just a useful breast pump, but you get a nice way to organize your storage bottles without the fear of leakage.

This product is great, particularly when you are traveling or want to pump your breast milk while being away from home. Not too many breast pumps provide you with such a convenient and hassle-free pumping experience like this one.

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